DJI Phantom 3 – 3 of itsMust-Have Accessories

You had been overjoyed at the time of opening of your Christmas present and discovering a pristine Phantom 3! Even ahead of the Christmas dinner the battery had been charged, and you had been all set for go on your foremost flight. DJI does excellent at presenting the whole lot that you require for flying your Phantom 3 right after taking it out of the pack.

However, these must-have accessories are totally worth the nominal investment and are going to take your security, fun and effectiveness to another level.

Below we discuss 3 of the top accessories that the pilot of any Phantom 3 must have.

Battery Charging Dock

A good number of the drone pilots are going to put in several additional batteries to the drone case of theirs. The incorporated DJI battery charger can charge a single battery at a time. It could be tiresome to continue coming back for checking the charging position and changing out the charged battery.

The solution lies in adding of a battery charging dock. This dock is going to let you have 4 batteries that are all going to charge mechanically sequentially. The dock is going to sense the battery that has the greatest charge, and get it charged first, ahead of moving on for charging the battery that is lower than that. The full charge cycle being done, you have the option of returning for finding all 4 batteries ready for flying again.

Do remember to constantly charge the batteries of yours in a secure location at a safe distance from inflammable materials, and never leave them along throughout charging.

Prop Guards

A spoiled propeller is the curse of a drone pilot, particularly if you have left your spares back at residence a grand way of protecting your propellers is by adding a prop-guard set to the drone of yours. These let you fly your machine with less concern of the propellers hitting an item while flying, /the land at the time of landing.

Another advantage is a boost in visibility for direction. Having of red prop-guards at the front and white prop-guards at the backside makes it a great deal simpler for the pilot to establish the end that is forward.

Mobile machine Sunshade

The best that a Phantom 3 pilot can get is flying on a gorgeous sun-drenched day. However, this can make viewing the display of your device hard with glare & a washed out display. A straightforward integration is the sun-shade/visor.

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