DJI Phantom 3 SE

In the second week of the month of August of 2017 DJI made an accouchement on the accessibility of the final model of the Phantom 3 range of theirs, which is DJI Phantom 3 SE. It started with a retail price of $599 in the USA. In the section below, we are going to discuss this mode.

An intro to “DJI Phantom 3 SE”

DJI is of the opinion that the Phantom 3 SE has more than a few step up over its forerunner, the Standard Phantom 3, which consist of the capacity of recording 4K mega high-definition video, as well as a Vision Positioning arrangement for clear-cut navigation as well as flight steadiness. In addition, it is characterized by an enhanced Wi-Fi remote control of a dual band having a range of transmission of a maximum of 2.5 miles delivering in excess of four times the range of transmission of “Phantom 3 Standard.”

More on this model

When weighed against the Phantom 3 Pro, P3SE specs do demonstrate just a small number of negligible improvements in general weight as well as camera specs along with a flight time step up of a couple of minutes.

Had it not been for a number of definite DJI corporation policies as well as issues with data security, this kit, in conjunction with a good number of the corporation’s purchaser drone range are likely to still be present on sUAS News’ index of suggested UAS, alas.


For all of those of the readers who happen to be on the lookout to make use of the corporation equipment for significant infrastructure examinations as well as information sensitive/susceptible work, the finest recommendation is that they do check out the most recent corporation coverage of the “sUAS News” thoroughly ahead of arriving at a decision to make a purchase. To can know more about this model if you surf online.

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