Does Private Liability Cover Drone Flights?

Security must be taken care of. This includes the right insurance for your drone, because even a small drone flights can cause very expensive damage. A drone insurance is even obligatory in many countries, even in some European countries you cannot let your drone start without a suitable insurance.

Check with your existing liability insurance to see if your remote drone may already be covered. In most cases this is not the case. If the private liability for your drone is liable, you have to go through all the details. It can still come to external circumstances that are not covered by many insurance companies. If the damage is caused by wind or birds, the insurance can refuse the damage.

There Are Two Ways To Insure Drones During Travelling

The drone liability insurance and the drone hull insurance.Civil liability insurance for drones is mandatory in many countries and protects you against the financial claims of third parties. For example, if your travel drone is caught by a wind and flies against a car, the insurance company will pay the damage incurred. However, you have to pay for the damage to your drone yourself.

With the full insurance for drones and multicopters you can let your expensive flying drone fly relaxed. This insurance offers comprehensive protection for your travel drone and provides an exchange or repair for your multicopter in case of damage. In the worst case, even the purchase price can be reimbursed in case of total damage.

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