Drone Accessories You Need To Pack For Your Vacation

No matter where you go and where you look, drone accessories are becoming more and more popular. Since drones are also becoming safer and cheaper, a drone can also be afforded by everyone. Unfortunately, only very few people know about the exact set and make a lot of mistakes.

Which Is The Best Drone On The Road?

There are a lot of good drones and many of the good drones are also very favorable and partly already under €500, like the DJI Phantom 3, for example. These beginner drones are basically enough for very nice video recordings, but in our opinion these are a bit too big for travelling, because they need their own backpack. The Mavic, on the other hand is unique. It’s very small, because you can fold it up. In the folded state it only has a dimension of 8.3 × 8.3 × 19.8 cm and thus in one hand place. In a few seconds the propellers are opened and you can fly off. The weight is only 760 grams, which is just great for this drone in this class.

Drone Accessories

There are so many accessories for drones that you’re almost dizzy. A lot of this is total rubbish, which you just don’t need. However, there are some things that you should treat yourself, which will really benefit you and will also provide you with better shots. This accessory, for which we have also decided, is in our opinion, a must have;

Batteries- With the DJI Mavic you can fly for 25 minutes until the battery is empty, but that too is not much. With the spark the flight time is only 16 minutes and with the breeze at just about 10 minutes.

ND filters- The opinions on ND filters are very controversial, but in my opinion they are a must have if you don’t want overexposed shots. Not for all drones there are ND filters, but for the Mavic.

Replacement propeller: Believe me, you will need propellers sooner or later, because you can fly so attentively, but at some point you’re going to go somewhere and the propellers are junk. Luckily, Propeller doesn’t cost a fortune and already from €10 you get a new set.

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