Drone Technology Revolutionizes Energy Industry Worldwide

The global market for drone-driven solutions in the energy supply industry already has a value of approximately 10 billion USD per year, which is shown by the the new report. Leveraging drone technologies to secure utilities

The Worldwide Increase In Energy

Driven by growth markets such as China and India – is expected to increase the electricity transmission networks to an extent of 7 million kilometers by 2020. Regulators are therefore increasingly concerned about the safety of the networks and are introducing penalties and incentives to reduce.

Drone Technology Revolutionizes

From The Flame Throwing Drone To The Extraction Of Sensitive Data

Utilities worldwide use drones to increase both reliability and safety at work. A flame-throwing drone for removing dirt on high-voltage lines is, for example, a more unusual way of use of unmanned aircraft. Other applications range from planning, control and management of assets to proactive management of various threats.

Of course, one of the main focuses is the saving of costs: For most of the energy, the control of plant growth and the tree cut in the vicinity of power lines are the largest single output in maintenance costs. Tree-cut drones can help increase efficiency while providing data that can be used to predict and prevent damage from falling trees.

The use of drone technology to obtain various data on power stations, substations or high-voltage lines is increasingly contributing to the change in the entire energy supply industry. Drones can not only collect standardized data in a more efficient way, but also do so in contrast to manned aircraft without compromising human life.


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