Flying Your Drones During Summer Holidays In Different Countries

Drone summer holidays are becoming more and more popular. According to experts, more than half a million hobby drones have already been sold in Europe. Countless families want to take their flying camera on their summer vacation to capture memorable memories for their family album. But what is allowed abroad?

Very Different Rules For The Use Of Drones In The World

It is very important that the maximum altitude of drones is regulated. In this way, collisions with other air users can be avoided.
In Germany for exampke the border was drawn at 100 meters. In an international comparison, this limit is low: in 80 countries it is allowed to fly higher with a drone. Most legislators consider an altitude of up to 120 meters to be safe.

Drone Summer Holidays

Curious facts

The new technology posed an unusual challenge for many governments. Drones have quickly established themselves in the company through favorable prices and easy usability. Those who take a drone on holiday often have the idea of taking aerial photographs of a popular landmarks. However, tourists can quickly get into trouble, because the use of drones are prohibited at many attractions. Anyone who is in a foreign culture abroad should always behave respectfully. In order to avoid difficulties, every drone flyer should comply with common safety regulations, even if they are not explicitly mentioned in a law:

1- Land the drone as soon as an airplane or helicopter approaches

2- Respect for other people’s privacy

3-Keeping distance from sensitive buildings (government buildings, power stations, police, army)

4-Only fly with valid drone insurance

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