Keys facts on “DJI Phantom 3 Standard”

The position of “DJI Phantom 3 Standard” is strange. The preliminary Phantom 3 launching, which consisted of a Professional and sophisticated edition of the drone, had been a meager four months back. Admittedly, there were many who were somewhat perplexed when DJI declared and then released an additional Phantom 3 so fast – particularly as, at the surface, this didn’t appear all that diverse than the present editions.

4 months is a really short time span for releasing a new edition of n intricate bit of technology, so what may well be diverse?

By itself, this review would emphasize on what makes “DJI Phantom 3 Standard” diverse from the specialized and the sophisticated editions.

Phantom Budget

The initial and most apparent point to be made regarding “DJI Phantom 3 Standard” version is value.

It retails for $799 in comparison to $1,259 for “Professional” and $999 for “Advanced” version.

For assessment, Phantom 2 Vision +, which aren’t sold straight by DJI any more is retailing for approximately $1,000 on Amazon.

Thus, instantaneously the reply to “what’s the reason behind DJI putting out a novel Phantom 3?” is explainable as since they wished introducing a model having a purported entry-level charge point.


What is offered to you for $799?

For beginners, you’ve the drone, gimbal & gimbal guard, controller, camera, one regular battery, 8 propellers, charging cables, and the SD card.

However, there’re some remarkable differences between the regular hardware and the one integrated with the additional Phantom 3s.

Camera is the most understandable distinction. The Standard consists of a 2.7K camera capable of shooting video FHD 1920x1080p in the lines of the advanced edition. Whereas the Advanced has the capacity for some added fps, the difference is pretty minimal.

Those small number of fps are just going to be of effect to specialized photographers who’re likely to pick the Professional version anyway as the 4K camera of the professional is as good as the finest proprietary drone camera present on the marketplace.


The additional noticeable distinction in hardware’s the controller. The regular controller is kind of a blend of the earlier Vision 2 + & original Phantom 3 controller. The regular controller has the identical form and characteristics of the earlier Vision 2 + controller having the camera controlling wheel above the top left shoulder present on the more recent Phantom 3 controller.

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