Legal Situation When Creating Aerial Photography Of Buildings With Drones

Experts warn that the protection of copyright also applies to building aerial photography. In principle, images of buildings may be made – yet there are a few rules.

Copyright Protection Also Applies To Photographs Of Buildings

This is what the lawyers  point out. However, if the architect has already died for many years, the building is basically in the public domain. This means: if the publication of a photo does not violate the rights of others, it may be published in social networks or private blogs.

Aerial Photography

In addition to this regulation, the so-called panorama freedom also applies to photographs of buildings. Meaning: Photos of buildings may be published in principle. At least when they are freely visible from the street.

Special Caution With Flying Drones

It is different if, for a first time, obstacles such as fences or hedges have to be exceeded. In this case, photographers can no longer rely on the principle of panoramic freedom in photos. Accordingly, special caution applies to photos with flying drones. Here, the limit of legality can be unintentionally exceeded.

Land And Buildings

Foreign land and buildings may be photographed or filmed without permission and the recordings will be published, as far as the location of the photographic equipment is publicly available. However, images of courtyards or areas that would not be visible even without the use of the drone are legally problematic.


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