Mini Chip For Precise Drone Navigation

Only 20 square millimeters is the size of the new computer chip that US researchers have developed. The tiny is intended to allow miniature precise drone to navigate. According to the press text, it is supposed to allow drones to navigate, which are only as large as honey bees. However, it can be used in all nano-robots, which have to ...

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New Drone Control Technology Gives You A New Sense

Instead of using the joystick, researchers are now controlling drone control technology with their upper body. This is more intuitive and precise and gives the pilot the feeling of flying like a bird. The goal is to develop a control that is easy to learn and requires less concentration by users. Body Movements With A Virtual Drone And Glasses The ...

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Drones That Look Like Birds

In Asia, according to a newspaper report, are drones experimenting successfully with this new technology, which could also be used for military purposes. They are not the only ones that develop robots that act like drone bird. But researchers seem to be very successful in this field. The New Drone Technology Is Ready After Test Flights As involved researchers of ...

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Drones For Home Safety


In recent years, drones for home have created enormous enthusiasm for social networks and brought new jumps in the area of home security drone and home surveillance. Today we delve into all the hype and help you better understand the differences between the intelligent drone security systems and the surveillance camera systems. Surveillance And Security Camera System Surveillance camera and ...

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Drone With A Quality Photo Camera Technology

We are often asked with which drone we are currently on the road with. Most of the questioners assume that we are following the current trend and also relying on one of the new small drones that came on the market last year.

 The fact: Most beginners choose a DJI Mavic. Such small Copter are equipped with good drones camera ...

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DJI Mavic Air


TEXT BY JOHN REID PHOTOS BY CHERYL VOMACKA MALTBY The new Mavic Air is a small, compact drone that is the perfect companion for those looking to take a flying camera with them everywhere to capture all their activities. The drone is well built and comes preassembled, ready for flight. Begin­ner pilots could easily learn how to fly the Mavic ...

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Air Traffic Control for Drones


We interview the man in charge of NASA’s Traffic Management System WITHIN THE NEXT FEW YEARS, millions of drones may be regularly flying over U.S. skies, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA, is working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and industry partners on developing a system for managing drone air traffic. We recently spoke ...

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Garmin VIRB 360

This little camera gem can do it all! Earlier this year, I took out my collection of 360-degree cameras and replaced them all with a single Garmin VIRB 360. So what does a manufacturer known for GPS products know about 360-degree video? Enough to make me switch not only my 360-degree cameras but also some of my regular 2D action ...

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Camera Filters

PROTECT THE LENS, CHANGE EXPOSURES, AND SLOW DOWN SHUTTER SPEEDS Like most artists, drone photographers are always looking for ways to improve their images. One option is by using filters. There are a few reasons to use filters. Some cameras come with stock ultraviolet filters that can be screwed to the front of the camera; these mainly protect the lens ...

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Energen Drone Max M10

Charging drone batteries in the field How many times have you been out flying, getting great aerial footage, and you run out of battery power? If you have the Energen Drone Max M10 portable power bank, you can recharge anywhere. Energen introduced its first portable power bank for drones a little over a year ago. and its new DroneMax M10 ...

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