Security Authorities And Military Have Been Working On Drone Defence Systems For Years

They spy, they monitor, they carry bombs: Small military drones are increasingly causing security experts to worry, because the mini-planes are difficult to combat.

The Danger Has Grown Massively

The terrorist organization  (IS) has regularly used drones to spy out targets and film the attacks from the air. Other propaganda videos show drones off, when dropping mini-bombs. The Iraqi army has deployed similar bomb drones against the IS. Incidents were also found far away from crisis areas. In November 2014, for example, a football match had to be canceled between Serbia and Albania after a drone had floated into the stadium. It had a flag, but it might as well have had a bomb on board.

Military Drone

Legal Possibilities To Protect Yourself

For private individuals and companies, there is currently only a legal possibility to protect themselves from drones: they recognize and seek cover, because the use of jammers or even special weapons is prohibited. It is said that German car manufacturers therefore protect their test grounds with high-tech reconnaissance systems. If you recognize a flying spy, you can abort attempts with new car models and hide the secret prototypes in the garage. For years, the security threats of small drones have been growing. Military and public authorities are trying to arm themselves with jammers, special projectiles and nets they try to intercept enemy drones.

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