Some Laws You Have To Take Care Of As A Drone Owner

In the past, drones were future-oriented  and were only found in military or modern technology fairs. For some time now, however, drone laws are seen even in small residential areas where they are partly controlled by children over the rooftops of the houses. However, since some of these multicopter are often equipped with cameras, you should inform yourself in advance about what you can and cannot do.

drone laws

Flying A Drone Over Residential Areas Is Prohibited If These Criterias Are Given

Since last year, there has been the so-called drone ordinance, which clearly regulates the use and labelling of unmanned aerospace systems and flight models. Because drones in connection with residential areas have already brought about more than one difference of opinion between residents and drone owners.

-If your drone weighs less than 250 grams and does not take pictures, film, or audio, it may fly. If it is your own property or the property owner has given you permission, you may also launch larger drones or those with a recording function.

-If your drone weighs more than 250 grams, it needs a plaque. Your name and address must be on it. In addition, the plaque should be labeled permanently and refractory.

What Is The Permission Requirement For Drones?

From five kilograms, you will also need permission from the respective national aviation authority for your drone. You will also need an official exemption if you want to have your drone fly at a height of 100 metres.

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