Thoughts About New Drone Products And Also About Their Use

New possibilities require new rules. This is also the case with new products such as drones. If there are international traffic rules on our roads to which motorists have to keep, it will soon be the case for flying objects in the low altitude airspace.

The mapping service here works in this context with the provider of UTM software (unmanned traffic management). The commercial and free-time use of this area is the reason for an increased organisation of airspace.

Companies Want To Work Together To Ensure Greater Efficiency And Security

This should cover both rural and urban areas, says here and unifly in a press release. The first phase of the cooperation will be the creation of an airspace map marking no-fly zones such as airports, residential areas and sensitive government agencies.

New Drone

Could Be A New Quality Of Traffic Hazard

Last year, a properly registered drone flight was out of control: The device clanged with full force on a roof. On the Internet, videos with a combination of spectacular drone crashes are the danger and show how easily the devices can get out of the trajectory.

And Who Will Be In The Event Of Damage?

If the drone is a toy, the private liability pays. If it is an aviation vehicle, it must be insured as such situations.

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