To Equip The Armed Forces With Fighter Drones

In the keyword drones, many people think of computer games on the joystick or science fiction. The use of unmanned aircraft in armed forces has long been normal. Development began in the early 1990s. It was fast. The federal Defense Ministries assume that more than 50 states are now using unmanned aircraft; Other sources refer to up to more countries with reconnaissance drones in their arsenal.

Fighter Drones

A Wide Range Of Drone Experts Are Represented

Lawyers, political scientists, aviation experts, representatives of the peace movement  are to illuminate as many facets of the topic as possible. Because the decision is highly controversial. Many citizens hold armed drones for killer machines, because its silent and invisible. Attacks far too often killed innocent people. Many critics believe that these weapons systems are lowering the inhibition threshold for killing the drone pilots in safe command centres, and that state-owned drivers – because of the lower risks to the lives and limbs of their own soldiers ,are easier to use for military ,could tempt the media.

Combat Drone Use Is A Political Decision

Legally there is no reason to reject the use of combat drones in principle. It is a political decision whether and how they are used. Proponents of this technology, above all, are arguing that drones are reducing the dangers to their own soldiers.

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