Transport Of Goods By Drones In The Future

Order online and get the goods delivered within a few minutes! What sounds like science fiction should soon become possible with the networking of the department store, drone and vans. Together with the drones transportation manufacturers and the online shopping platforms, testing a delivery service in Zurich in the next three weeks, where customers order smaller, up to two kilograms of heavy goods and deliver them within a short time.

drones transportation

Many Companies Suspect The Potential

Nevertheless, many companies suspect the potential. Amazon or the post have been experimenting with flying packages by drone for a long time. Last year, it was able to fly over hundred heavier parcels from the valley to the ALM at 1200 metres altitude in Bavaria, Germany. Amazon also successfully brought first drone deliveries to customers.

The next step is for the company to plan deliveries that would be dropped by parachute. Such plans reveal patents that the mail order vendor has registered. The goal would then be to offer our own delivery service and be independent of the post office or the landing possibilities for drones.

There Are Stil Quite A Few Difficulties

Drone technology does not seem to have matured so far. The drone at this project has a range of 20 kilometers and flies only in very favorable conditions, in case of rain or storm, according to the developers. Also, several licenses are necessary to offer automatic services from the air.


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