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Two Measuring Principles For A Stable Drone Flight The Trajectory

If the gust is now available, the principle of unequal speeds can also be used to stable drone flight 

the trajectory. However, it is necessary to detect and counteract an occurring moment in a fraction of a second. The sensors used for this purpose are a key differentiator between cheap offers and the more expensive drones.

Stable Flying And Hovering Drone

Today, MEMS sensors are used in the latter. MEMS stands for “Micro Electro Mechanical System”. These micro-mechanical sensors surround US everywhere: they shaky hands with better cameras when shooting and recognize the imminent danger of skidding in the car.

Stable Drone Flight

Gyroscopes Are Used To Determine Rotational Movements

For this, tiny silicon structures are constantly kept in an oscillating motion. If a transverse acceleration occurs, it creates a Coriolis force acting on the silicon atoms. In everyday life we experience this strength in the Christmas market, when we have put our dear little ones on the Carousel Horse and as we aspire to the edge. Even though we seem to be running straight ahead, it is involuntarily pulling us aside.

In order to steer, a slightly move is allowed by two rotors rotating in the same direction slightly slower than the other two.


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