Where The Drones Are Fed?

Drone technology are supplied with the extract of all the information that is incurred. All information collected, spotted, sniffs outed, and readily given, land in case of doubt at the end, transformed to killing command, on-board computer.

Drones can also feed themselves by automatically reading SIM cards and W-LAN accesses. German universities are working on programs that aim to capture data traces of the user. Google and Facebook, compare them with normal behavior and extract the the deviations.

Drone Technology

Like Complex Of Data Acquisition Monitoring And Drone Technology, There Are Many Possible Actions

The enormous amount of data collected by the drones themselves can be crawled in almost real-time on grid characteristics. The results of the analysis of the data obtained are generally not to be verified by people and thus not corrected. It will not be long, then a computer machine will give itself the command to kill – dispassionately, without excesses or scruples. The drone is part of a digital machinery that is both an investigator, a judge and a hangman.

All new TVs, for example, go unnoticed by the viewing, with the net and report what is being watched. Many broadcasters let Google evaluate this data. Game consoles report all activities to the corporate headquarters – and thus to governments, secret services and the military. With a camera on the device, the human being is identified as a data resource and plundered.


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